The life and times of a girl who can't spell.

well, i don’t know about any one els who reads this, but its just geting nice out. and i love the worm wether, but gesss what? i have a cold, and it sucks balls. id like to know why in the world i had to have a mother and father that always get sick this time of year and had to pass it a long to me. so i hate them, and yes i called them last night to tell them how much i hate them and why. my mom told me to take some night quil, shut up, and go to bed at 8. yep, that’s my mom for ya! and my dad said he’s sorry and remined me that mom is the one that wunted a nuther kid, so i did have a change of haveing a mom and dad that didnt get sick at lest 4 times a year. that did make me feel a little beter.

Mar 18
i hate my mother