The life and times of a girl who can't spell.

dear mom,

      As you know mom, I’m about to have my first child. But I’m sorry for not being about to say I hope I’m like you, because i hope I’m not.  

   I hope when my son comes to me I’m not in one of your “bad moods” you seemed to be in every day seens the day I turned 8. I hope when my son is sick, it doesn’s take me a week to get him to the doctor. when it doesn’t cost you a cent, and lots of family to take him, drop him off, pick him up, any thing.

    I hope I see him on every feald day I don’t work. like the all the once you sleeped thought. I hope I’m the one to help him write his D.A.R.E paper even thought we’d be asking his father for help every 5 min. Then I hope I’m there when  they call his name and will most likely just get a t-shirt for working hard. But I’ll still be happy, not say ” i’m sorry I sleeped in again, is that realty all they gave you? what they give the other kids?”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love you mom. And I will till the day I die. You gave birth to me, you held me when I cryed, you feed me every day, and you stoped my own father from picking up where you left off with mothering. 

    I’m not saying i wish you held my hand like you did when I was 6. I’m saying my sister and me may have not hated you so much if you whernt a down right nasty bitch to us all the time may be me and my sister would of lived at home a little longer passed our 18th birthday. she lasted 2 mouths and I wated a day. 

   mothering is more then puting there food in frunt of them, teching them to walk and talk. your job isn’t done when they can cook microwave food. I get mouny was hard and i had to look after my self. I was never home a lone for more then 3 hours when i was young and i had a sister 3 years older then me. we where good, never a call CSB kind of thing. but a emotionless house and the only love give’n was on a bipolar baces.  

Sep 30
Note to my mother
Mar 24